So, Arriva have thrown in the towel after two years.  ( )

I have no beef with Arriva, and they certainly got off to a bad start with so many drivers walking out on day 1, and the introduction of such a radical timetable, but you have to wonder why the information available to passengers was always so bad ( hence this website ) and no wonder passengers wanted their old buses when the new big-bang approach was so disruptive.

The last time I caught an Arriva bus it was from the airport. There were neat new bus stops with different numbers laid out along the access road. The buses didn’t seem to pay any attention to them, huddling at one end ( along with the passengers ) and then pulling forward a few feet before then telling everyone where that bus was going by calling out. It did not seem particularly slick, but maybe it worked.

Looking forward to all the new routes and numbers. Interesting to see what happens as the current network is quite a mix of the new and old.



Ive had a question which has stumped me, can anyone help?

Help! We will be arriving in Gozo on 19 April for one week. I don’t know whether the buses will be running to their SUMMER or WINTER timetables that week. Can you advise?


Are the night buses running these days? last summer I dont think they were – or not properly. Im going to be over in a few weeks so will find out myself, but have done a night bus tab that I meant to do about six months ago. But you know how it is…

Thanks to those who sent those new maps from arriva in – it has made it much easier.


If you are German, and you buy a travel guide to malta, you now get the best bus network map around, though sadly slightly outdated the day it was printed!

Not entirely related to maltese bus routes, but the last 3 months has seen me change jobs and move towns, so Ive been a bit distracted – and plans for a month in Malta have been put back – however I have made a quick update to a short deadline, to make the latest version possible to meet the printing deadlines for the German tourist guide – I have made a number of changes based on changes rumoured for the end of the month, but still not too much on arrivas website. I expect ill make a few more fixes as we get close to May 27th timetable changes. Ben

It says in the times of Malta that the Blata l-Bajda park and ride is no longer served by a park and ride bus? Im just here to document the routes and try not to comment but you can’t help wondering what the point of a Park and Ride scheme is without the ride, and then to punish parkers who don’t ride, becuase they can’t, by charging more. Has someone in ATP gone completely mad? Has the whole transport strategy been thrown out the window in the rush to fix the route problems.

More importantly ( ! ) is my route map wrong? I only show the floriana park and ride, I thought in my ignorance that was the Blata l-Bajda one. Is it not?

Ive been a bit quiet lately as I have had a day job for the last month or so, and  hopefully with the off season and the bus routes settling, I dont need to micro manage the site.

Google however has been busy- if you type anything sensible in the search box, maltabusroutes comes up on the first page, 8th or 9th – yay –  and most of the other entries have linked in as well – A special hello to Brendan of and Mark from , both brilliant websites, who have been very supportive.

 A similar results on the images search ( first page ) but still a lot of old bus maps out there and I come in quite a way along the first page – need to check how to raise my image rankings.

Ill turn to some tidying up over xmas – and make a start on doing the night buses, probably in time for when I am around to use them myself 🙂

Happy xmas all! Thanks as ever for all the corrections. Any major bloopers outstanding that you’ve already told me about?