Ive been a bit quiet lately as I have had a day job for the last month or so, and  hopefully with the off season and the bus routes settling, I dont need to micro manage the site.

Google however has been busy- if you type anything sensible in the search box, maltabusroutes comes up on the first page, 8th or 9th – yay –  and most of the other entries have linked in as well – A special hello to Brendan of www.maltabybus.com and Mark from www.seat61.com , both brilliant websites, who have been very supportive.

 A similar results on the images search ( first page ) but still a lot of old bus maps out there and I come in quite a way along the first page – need to check how to raise my image rankings.

Ill turn to some tidying up over xmas – and make a start on doing the night buses, probably in time for when I am around to use them myself 🙂

Happy xmas all! Thanks as ever for all the corrections. Any major bloopers outstanding that you’ve already told me about?