So, Arriva have thrown in the towel after two years.  ( )

I have no beef with Arriva, and they certainly got off to a bad start with so many drivers walking out on day 1, and the introduction of such a radical timetable, but you have to wonder why the information available to passengers was always so bad ( hence this website ) and no wonder passengers wanted their old buses when the new big-bang approach was so disruptive.

The last time I caught an Arriva bus it was from the airport. There were neat new bus stops with different numbers laid out along the access road. The buses didn’t seem to pay any attention to them, huddling at one end ( along with the passengers ) and then pulling forward a few feet before then telling everyone where that bus was going by calling out. It did not seem particularly slick, but maybe it worked.

Looking forward to all the new routes and numbers. Interesting to see what happens as the current network is quite a mix of the new and old.